Stem Journal

NEW BRAND: Among Equals

We are beyond excited to now stock Among Equals, the stunning range of handwoven bags by artisan weavers in Papua New Guinea. 
On a mission to make a change through empowering communities of artisan weavers, each design is a unique work of art. Using natural fibres and up cycled yarn, the artisans use traditional techniques to weave a multitude of stunning bag designs. 
Every bag is the most wonderful work of art, handwoven by a female artisan, the design captures her spiritual and cultural heritage, her story and her craft.
Among Equals is a non-for-profit business that empowers women by working with them to create a sustainable income, this is both regular and consistent. Each bilum bought through Among Equals has a flow on effect to around 10-15 people. This allows the weavers to support their families, pay for their children's education and support their communities.