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Coffee, and to a lesser extent, tea, is vital in so many people’s daily routines. ‘With enough coffee I could rule the world,’ is a famous saying, and one that many will wholeheartedly defend, and as such, the way we drink our satisfying, heart starting brew, can vary quite a bit. Take-away cups are now becoming less prominent, with a narrower focus on the environmental impact and what not, so having your own cup or mug is becoming more important. That being said, why does your coffee cup have to be plain and generic? At Stem Online, in fact, we are excited to bring you a varying list of stylish designer coffee mugs, and mugs, more importantly, that will save you having to use the more harmful plastic take away options. Our online catalogue of designer coffee mugs, in fact, is filled to the brim with some of the leading designer brands on the market, including Marimekko and Menu, and with a huge variety of colours and designs, we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your personality perfectly. So, if it’s time to throw away your old and stained mug, or you’re wanting to bring a new mug to work, have a look at what we offer.