Alex Monroe Jewellery

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London-based fine jeweller Alex Monroe has been creating elegant jewellery with a beautiful and perhaps even whimsical charm for more than 25 years. Inspired by the English Suffolk countryside, his stunning collections are full of precious stones and dainty flowers with woodland creatures representing his unique sense of creativity and design prowess. At Stemonline, we are proud to bring you some of his best work currently on the market, and are in particular favour of his label's signature Bumblebee necklace. Jewellery has always been a welcomed accessory to any outfit, and at Stem.com, we know that you will find something you like. Whether it is the characteristic charm of Alex Monroe’s signature bumblebee necklace, the elegance of a burgundy butterfly necklace, the dainty sophistication of the bumblebee, flower, and heart bracelet, the bold and beautiful statement piece of Alex Monroe’s pig necklace, or one of his designer rings, we know you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve been recently thinking about adding to your jewellery collection, or are stuck for gift ideas, then why not browse Stem’s range of Alex Monroe’s jewellery today? Don't miss the label's signature Bumblebee necklace and Vanrycke's understated pieces for timeless luxury keepsakes.