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With the warmer months just around the corner, many start to focus on exercising more. It’s easy to fall into a bit of a rut during the year, where standards slip and where even the thought of pushing ourselves harder is one we don’t often entertain. Luckily then, at Stem.com, we are proud to stock one of the best, fashionable cycling brands there is. Who said you can’t look good while exercising? The Martone Cycling Company, in fact, is known for their bold and beautiful designer bicycles, that not only provide the utility of exercise and being active, but also, the grace and elegance of a perfectly crafted bike. With a stylish handbasket as a bold trademark to carry the weight of your everyday necessities, and with highly unique and eye-catching designs, The Martone Cycling Company is certainly the right fit for the busy city-worker or suburban superstar. So, if you’re thinking about including a cycling routine in your week and are looking for a type of bicycle that will stand out from the rest, then why not browse Stem.com’s range of Martone bicycles and accessories today? You won’t be disappointed.